Hybrid: the instax SQUARE SQ10

It combines the convenience of instant cameras and the functionality of digital cameras

The instax SQUARE SQ10 features a new square format of 1:1 aspect

While digital cameras and smartphones are improving their image quality and performance, instant cameras are getting popular among young people. In particular, Fujifilm’s instax series has been so well received that even those who have never used it know its name. The other day the instax SUARE SQ10, its latest model, was launched. It calls itself “the hybrid instant camera”. In this article we look at two major changes the SQ10 underwent.

Check and edit images before printing

This “hybrid instant camera” is the first of the instax series to involve a digital image sensor. This allows you to choose your favourite photos to print after shooting. The instax cameras used to be thrilling because they were a one-shot thing: if you fail, you waste a film. But that is no longer the case (if you set MANUAL). With this new model, you can shoot in different compositions. (If you choose AUTO, you can still enjoy that one-shot thrill.)

After shooting, you can retouch photos taken, which also makes the new model attractive. With this you can achieve creative expression. Edited photos can be saved in built-in memory (up to 50 photos) or a micro SD card, allowing you to print them later or print the same work again and again.

The digital image sensor also allows the new model to add new features to it such as auto exposure settings, human detection and autofocus. You can enjoy shooting in a dark place or in the back light, which is difficult for conventional instant cameras. You can zoom in on a subject up to 10cm, too.

The new model also features “instax SQUARE Film” (62mm x 62mm). Thanks to social media such as Instagram, many people are now familiar with square format. But Fujifilm says that it has been a favourite style among photo lovers for 90 years.

1:1 aspect will go well with social media. But, sadly, the new model is not equipped with Wi-Fi. Still it is possible to send images taken to smartphones by using the micro SD card.

The SQ10 combines the convenience of instant cameras (printing images right here and right now) and the functionality of digital cameras (retouching). It is really the “hybrid” camera. You could argue that because it is different from the traditional instax series, it creates a new genre in cameras. Maybe or maybe not. But its potential is huge.

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