#24hourproject: Street Photography in Malaysia

By Hadi Nik (Photographer/Malaysia)

A street photography project to document the human condition of multiple cities during a single day

#24hourproject is a street photography project to document the human condition during a single day. We take a photo in every hour and share the photo taken in Instagram with their own hashtag. It was held on April 1st.

This was my second time to join the event. This year, my friends (Aizad Fadhli, Alang Gigih and Zuhnun Ismail) joined me. We had gathered at the Al-Baik restaurant before we challenged the project.

We started from early morning and finished at midnight. Together we witnessed numerous activities taking place around Kuala Lumpur. We were tired from a lack of rest.

We should always be aware with our surroundings. That is because various stories that can be seen with our own eyes during this 24-hour period are out there. Kuala Lumpur is the city that never sleeps. This is our precious experience in 2017.

Hadi Nik

Mr Hadi is an editor of photopaper.my. He likes to shoot people’s lives at the street and always wants to learn about new developments in photography. He photographs from his point of view as an ordinary man who likes to see the art in photography.
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