Photogram and Green

By Barry Ong (Photographer/Malaysia)

A photographer uses an old method to encourage people to plant more in homes and offices

Chin with two exhibits of the flower series. On the left, flower petals were left to fuse into the photo paper creating beautiful footprints as they bleed their juices to their last breath

Chin Koon Yit, owner of Bang Bang Geng, a film photography processing lab at Publica KL, wanted to send a message to encourage us to have more plants in our homes and offices. He did it brilliantly by using a camera less photography technique called photogram to tell the story of the importance of flowers and plants through a series of prints in his exhibition. Each piece in his 17 plate series has a message behind its title and creative composition. He showcased his works in early March in Publika KL in Malaysia.
This poetic piece is titled “A Windy Day”. It says, “Plants refresh our air and fragrant it. Recall your own experience on a windy day in the forest or in the meadows.”
This piece titled “Being Whimsical” shows the creator in a playful whimsical mood.
“A rain soaked Ruella Simplex” was left in the rain to show the corrosive effect of pollutants that make the rain harmful.
The next few pieces are an Explosion series, depicting the destruction to the plants and our environment due to rising temperatures through different stages of death by heat and burning until explosion.

Barry Ong

He is a photographer in Malaysia. For him photography is a way to express how he connects with people, places, nature and the environment. To be able to capture a particular moment especially a smile, expression, colors and light that people could connect with and do not get tired looking at these photos is what he aspires to achieve in his photos.

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