A new way to take selfies: the DJI Spark

The new mini drone takes selfies by using hand motions

On May 26th DJI, a drone manufacturer, unveiled the Spark.


This new mini drone takes photos by using hand gestures. To take selfies, raise your arms, wave your hand or make a frame with your fingers. Also it has PalmControl mode, by which you can control the Spark’s movement by hand.


Its weight is 300g, which is lighter than the Mavic. Its camera features a 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, making it possible to take 12MP photos and 1,080p high resolution videos. It is involved with 2-axis mechanical gimbal and UltraSmooth technology designed to dramatically reduce shake and rolling shutter effect.

The Spark offers intelligent flight modes. One of them is QuickShots, which “help you shoot amazing footage with cinematic composition” in four ways: Rocket (ascend with the camera pointing downward), Dronie (fly backward and upward, with the camera locked on your subject), Circle (circle arounf your target) and Helix (fly upward, spiraling around your subject).


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