Inside of Benjamin Lowy

By Barry Ong (Photographer/Malaysia)

From empathy, Mr Lowy takes photos on the ground

At the α9 launch event at Pudu Plaza on June 15th, Sony Malaysia brought in Benjamin Lowy, known for his photos in warzones, to share the stories behind his work.

What drives him to take these assignments flouting danger everyday, being shot at or being caught in an explosion? This sounds a little crazy, but for him it is cool and fun.

Mr Lowy thinks that a photographer makes images instead of taking images because the image is subject to the way the photographer wants it to be viewed.

He wanted to give back and contribute to society with his photography. This photo of an oil spill is titled “A beautiful catastrophe”.
This image made him realize about creating an image that makes people want to know more about it. It is like a hook.

Barry Ong

He is a photographer in Malaysia. For him photography is a way to express how he connects with people, places, nature and the environment. To be able to capture a particular moment especially a smile, expression, colors and light that people could connect with and do not get tired looking at these photos is what he aspires to achieve in his photos.

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