Bubur Lambuk, a Malaysian food that connects people

By Hadi Nik (Photographer/Malaysia)

Bubur Lambuk

This is the story of local residents in Siantan Apartment in Selangor in Malaysia during Ramadhan. Every year residents prepare “Bubur Lambuk” (herb porridge) and deliver the food to local people.

They cook together, which strengthens their relationship. And they can get the work done quickly.

Bubur Lambuk was distributed to all residents of Siantan Apartment. Locals should continue this activity because few things are better at connecting people than sharing the same food.

Hadi Nik

Mr Hadi is an editor of photopaper.my. He likes to shoot people’s lives at the street and always wants to learn about new developments in photography. He photographs from his point of view as an ordinary man who likes to see the art in photography.
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